Monday, June 27, 2011

Shoes and hues

Different runner, different motivation.

That's just how it is. Some run for world peace, he he he. While other just run for fun. I for one run for fitness, while others run because they are adrenalin junkies.

And this is the reason I remember Francis M. Yes the late master rapper who I believe provided me the motivation to write this piece.

"So many faces, so many races," Francis M started Kaleidoscope World with those words. Of course he is referring to something else, but I'd like to take his words and insert it in the context why I and people in different hues and colors run.

"Different voices, different choices," the master rapper continues and that's just how it is. Either we run for ourselves or run for a cause.

So I've decided that I'll be running in the MILO Marathon cause I love causes. Especially those which help kids. And to paraphrase Francis M, "Some are rich with different shoes, while many are  unshod."

It may not be much, what is P10 from my registration fee which the Nestle company will put aside to buy shoes for kids in the country's most depressed areas. But my P10 and those from thousands who will participate can make the dream of providing 10,000 shoes to the same number of unshod kids possible.

That's a huge quest but with all of us from every hues and colors running for this cause, we can help kids and start their journey into becoming "champions in life".

As Francis M said "Other walk while other run...some have some while other have the most.'

I may not have the "most" but I have "some" and I decided to be a "different voice" as I look try to twirl the kaleidoscope world.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Challenging Merrell Adventure Run 2011

The inaugural edition of the Merrell Adventure Run in Wawa Dam in Rodriguez Rizal last year may be tough but the second offering of the event was more challenging.

It may be more challenging but there were more marshalls last Saturday compared to the Wawa edition where more than half of the 5k participants got lost in the mountains due to lack of directional markers and marshalls.

But the event this year was very different. Kudos to the organizers for that.

Last year, participants had to contend with and negotiate a dry route peppered with dry leaves, sands, huge boulders and several river crossings.

This time, because of an early morning drizzle, participants had to contend with wet, slippery and muddy routes that made the run more challenging.

I can't remember how many times I slipped in the mud. 

On top of these, participants had to negotiate up-and-down paths that challenged not only their preparations for the event but their psyches.

What will be at stake in the next Merrell Adventure run? Well, I hope that Merrell people will provide all runners with their shoes. That way, everyone will not only enjoy the run but happier with new pairs of Merrells. Ha ha ha.

Let me also congratulate 21K winners Ireneo Raquin and Ailene Tolentino for topping the centerpiece event. Both received the same amount of prize money unlike in other races where female runners are "discriminated" against by receiving less monetary awards.

Ireneo Raquin (middle) topped the men's 21K event while Bernardo Desamito bagged the second placed spot
 followed by Elmer Sabal.

 Ailene Tolentino (middle) won the women's 21K while Cindy Lorenzo and Mirasol Abad
completed the top three finishers.

One of the participants who was probably still high on adrenalin following the challenging run.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Barefoot running

I've been reading about barefoot running because the subject intrigues me. I've read and actually written how barefoot runners won their respective events in the regional meets of the Palarong Pambansa and in the event itself.

During the Cordillera Administrative Regionb Athletic Association (CARAA) competitons in 2010, Sunstar reported that several barefoot runners from Ifugao, Mt. Province, Kalinga, Abra and Apayao bested their counterparts who utilized modern running shoes.

What is more surprising in the event was the barefoot runners won not only in the long-distance events but in middle distance races.

But Olympic great Abebe Bikila of Ethiopia, won his first Olympic  Marathon gold medal barefoot during the 1960 Rome Games. Bikila, who would later suffered an injury from a car accident that would made him a paraplegic, defended his Olympic title during the 1964 Summer Games in Tokyo.

He failed to defend the title for the second time as he was forced to quit during the Mexico Summer Games in 1968 due to a foot injury caused by training barefoot.

Last year to honor Bikila's feat, Vibram named one of its shoes among the fivefingers line to this Ethiopian who would forever change the way runners train and compete.

Now are you ready to go barefoot?

Going barefoot is actually a matter of preference. Even Bikila competed utilizing running shoes given by his sponsors.

Specialists are, however, one in saying that training barefoot can help runners gain the proper posture and stride which in turn will help one in achieving his or her goals like personal bests or mileage.

But my biggest fear in running barefoot is stepping on sharp or pointed objects which would definitely injure runners.

So its your call. Going barefoot or not is a judgement call which only runners can decide.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

35th Milo Marathon

Press Release
16 June 2011

The much-awaited National MILO Marathon, kicking off  in July, heightens its commitment of building champions in sports and in life by continuing its advocacy of providing running shoes to underprivileged children. In line with Nestle’s 100 year celebration, the running event gears up to donate 10,000 pairs of running shoes to public school students who show promise in academics and sports.

In 2010, the MILO Marathon and its 200,000 runners succeeded in donating 4,200 pairs of running shoes to deserving public school children who otherwise could not afford this basic necessity. Each MILO Marathon runner donates 10 pesos from the registration fee. MILO then matches the proceeds and works with the Department of Education to select 10,000 public school student beneficiaries all over the country.

With more than twice the number of shoes aimed to be given away this year, MILO encourages runners to join them once more in making this advocacy a more impactful one, and in making the MILO Marathon more meaningful to both runners and student beneficiaries alike.

“As Nestle marks its 100th year, we at MILO believe that involving the Philippine running community in such a lofty ambition is the best way to give back and celebrate this milestone,” said Pat Goc-Ong, Assistant Vice President for MILO Sports. “We will not rest on last year’s achievements; rather we will increase our efforts to help school children realize their dreams and ambitions through the MILO Marathon. In the same way that we have been a part of Filipinos lives throughout generations and become their ‘Kasambuhay Habambuhay’, we now invite Filipinos to be part of the cause to help make the shoe-less child today a champion tomorrow.”

The biggest, longest-running and most prestigious running event in the country aims for a field of 200,000 runners to participate in the cause through its 17 races nationwide. The season kicks off with its first four regional races in Northern Luzon, starting with Laoag on July 3, Dagupan on July 10, Olongapo on July 17 and Tarlac on July 24. The Manila Elimination leg is set on July 31.

Runners can start contributing to the cause and signing up for the Northern Luzon regional race legs at designated National MILO Marathon registration areas. Registration is currently ongoing for Laoag, Dagupan, Olongapo, Tarlac and Manila eliminations.

For added convenience, runners can opt to register for respective regional races on the MILO website via Simply click on the register online tab, input basic information and pay via credit card. Race singlets and race bibs will be delivered straight to the runner’s doorstep.

The 35th National MILO Marathon is made possible by Bayview Park Hotel, Powerade, Summit Water, Air 21 and Timex. For more information on the race and its advocacy, visit or access the MILO Philippines fan page on Facebook.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rexona Adventure 2011

More than running but an adventure.

This was how organizers are marketing the fourth leg of the RunRio series - the Rexona Adventure Run 2011 - which will be held at the Mall of Asia on July 23 and 24.

Rio dela Cruz, whose RunRio company is considered as the country's foremost running management group, told the media during Tuesday's launching of the event that there will "something" for every participants - runners and non-runners - during the two day event.

Non-runners according to Rio can participate in zip lining, free fall, reverse bungee, zorb maze and wall climbing inside the Rexona Adventure hub which will be located inside the MOA in Pasay City. They are also automatically included in the adventure package raffle for four to destinations like Banaue, Bohol or Cagayan de Oro.

Rio dela Cruz holds the Rexona Run singlet during the
 press launching of the event held at the Milky Way
restaurant in Makati City. With Rio are the
 Unilever brand management team for Rexaona.

But Rio said that only finishers in the event's 21k, 10k,5k and 3k races will have the chance to win an all-expense-paid adventure trip to the Great Wall of China.

That's one good reason to join and finish the race, right?

Then of course there's the artfully designed singlet. Plus of course the finisher's kit and other giveaways for runners including an Adventure Hub Passport with two coupons so you can try the reverse bungee or one of the other five adventure games.

For this race, Rio said that they will use the Chronotrack B-Tag, which will record your time and check your clocking immediately after the event using RunRio's race card.


What will Rio think of next? A triathlon at MOA? 

But right now, I am just thinking of that Rexona race at MOA sans the bike in that not-so-well-thought-off commercial.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Maps for the Merrel 2011 Race

Vicinity Map of Timberland

Map for the 5-kilometer race

Map for the 10-kilometer race

Map for the 21-kilometer race

Friday, June 3, 2011

2nd Merrel Adventure Run

Press Release
3 June 2011

Hit the trail at 2nd Merrell Adventure Run

On its second year, the Merrell Adventure Run again leads you through dirt roads, flowing streams, river crossings, rock scrambling, and uphill and downhill trails in a new but equally challenging and breathtaking race course at Timberland Heights, San Mateo, Rizal on June 18, 2011.

To make it even more exciting, MAR’s distances are farther than last year’s.  Recreational or beginner runners can level up by joining the 5-kilometer (K) category, while intermediate trail runners can test their leg power in the 10K.  MAR 2011 also opened a 21K division for hardcore trail running enthusiasts.

Given the rough terrain and farther distances, it is best that participating runners suit up for this demanding trail run.  Trail running shoes is a must, while other gear like a hydration pack or water bottle belt, cap, gloves, running gaiters, and energy bars or gels are highly recommended, especially for 21K runners.

Despite the rough terrain and farther distances, participants can remain focused on their performance and form since race organizers have taken great care in ensuring their safety.  Race marshals and roving medical personnel will be on foot and on motorcycles to assist participants, while the main medical station will be stationed at the start and the finish line.  Numerous hydration stations will also be installed throughout the course.

Finisher’s medals will be given to the top 50 runners of the 5K and 10K. The first 300 21K runners who complete the 21K course before the cut-off time will receive medals.  Participants will also have the chance to win exciting prizes at the raffle draw and receive loads of freebies like the special edition Merrell Adventure Kit after-sport bag for all finishers.

Assembly time for all divisions is at 5 a.m.  Gun start for the 21K is 5:40 a.m., 5:50 a.m. for 10K, and 6 a.m. for 5K.

Take up the challenge of running on the rugged side at the Merrell Adventure Run 2011. Registration is open at Merrell Concept Shops in the Greater Manila Area; Trinoma; Market! Market!; Festival Mall, Alabang; and Marquee Mall, Pampanga.  Registration fees are PhP500 for 5K, PhP650 for 10K, and PhP800 2