Monday, April 25, 2011


Now that's its summer, the issue for runners is definitely hydration. Whether you are training or in actual competition, hydration will be a big factor. Runners Wall would like to share this tip from Hal Higdon, a Runners World magazine writer.


Tips for staying cool especially now that Summer is in full swing

What strategies can runners use to avoid problems on hot days? Here are some training trips for proper hydration:

1.    Drink before running. Drink adequately and drink often up until two hours before the start. Excess body water will be passed as urine before you start to run. Two hours before, however, stop drinking otherwise you'll be ducking into the bushes.
2.    Drink while you run. Just before the gun sounds, you can start drinking again. Once you're moving, you'll sweat off any excess liquid before it reaches your kidneys. You also need to drink frequently while training, especially during warm weather. You'll run faster and recover sooner. Carry a water bottle if necessary.
3.    Walk to drink. Don't try to gulp it down while running through the aid stations. You'll be able to drink more if you stop or at least walk. You'll lose less time than you think. I once ran a 2:29 marathon walking through every aid station on a hot day.
4.    Drink after running. Drink as soon as you stop, but even after your initial thirst is quenched, you still need to keep drinking. One sign of your hydration level is to check your urine. Clear urine is a sign of good hydration.
5.    Don't overestimate your ability. Realize that you can't run as fast when it's warm. Don't expect to set a Personal Record, and don't be afraid to bail out early (at least start slowing down) when you're starting to overheat.

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